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Add minimum size to panes


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Steps to reproduce:

Set maxSize="70%" (previously set to 70% in horizontal mode and 95% in vertical mode which didn't make sense to me because what can you see with 5% of the window) to the initial SplitBox preventing either primary or secondary panes from becoming too small

Set a maximum size for panes

Part of a set of changes from that David asked me to separate

Hi @Derek, I've tested your issue:
[Platform used]: Windows 10
[Firefox versions]: release 66.0.5 and latest nightly 68.0a1

On my end the issue cannot be reproduced. Please fell free to add more info's in order to figure it out how to reproduce the issue.
Thanks for your contribution.

Component: Untriaged → Inspector
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Product: Firefox → DevTools

Breakpoints pane can take up 95% of the window space in horizontal mode which doesn't really make sense in the context of debugging (cannot even see code anymore).

Flags: needinfo?(the.derekli)

After the change it won't be possible to increase the ratio of breakpoints pane to editor pane beyond this

Hey @Livlu,

We discussed adding a minimum size to the editor and secondary panes in this GitHub issue: (second comment).

I believe the change is necessary since having one of the panes take up to 95% of the window doesn't really make any sense in the context of debugging as you cannot see the code/breakpoints anymore.

Sorry my steps to reproduce were unclear.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open debugger in vertical mode
  2. Try to make breakpoints pane as large as you can (should completely take up the view port)
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Change max size of Secondary and Editor panes r=davidwalsh
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Hi @Derek, re-tested the issue but still cannot reproduce. I will add a screenshot to see how it looks on my end.
Additionally, when you make a screenshot please make it with entire zone, I mean the whole perspective not just a piece.

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