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Make prefers-color-scheme affect plain text documents


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enabled the new prefers-color-scheme via ui.systemUsesDarkTheme
  2. Tested that it worked as expected with a normal HTML + CSS document (it did).
  3. Loaded a plain-text HTTP response. Example document:

Actual results:

It displayed in light mode example.

Expected results:

It should have displayed in dark mode, since I have prefers-color-scheme set to dark.

I know that CSS doesn't affect plain-text documents, but it makes sense to me that if the user has indicated their preference for a dark theme via prefers-color-scheme, it would stand to reason that they'd want plain-text documents to follow this trend.

Type: defect → enhancement
Component: Theme → Layout
Product: Firefox → Core
See Also: → 1408122 is the stylesheet to modify for this, but this is web-observable so it may be a source of compat bugs.

See Also: → 1520971
Summary: Make prefers-color-scheme affect HTTP plain text responses → Make prefers-color-scheme affect plain text documents
See Also: 1520971
Duplicate of this bug: 1520971
Priority: -- → P3
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