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Stop using [array] in password manager idl


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, task, P1)




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Summary: Stop using [array in password manager idl → Stop using [array] in password manager idl

There is another consumer outside of the tree which is the Lockwise extension but it doesn't look like it would be broken by these changes as it doesn't use findLogins or searchLogins AFAICT. It shouldn't be a problem for the initial extension release and that code is getting ported in-tree now so won't have to deal with cross-version compatibility in the future.

Priority: -- → P1
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part 1.  Stop using [array] in getAllLogins.  r=MattN
part 2.  Stop using [array] in getAllDisabledHosts.  r=MattN
part 3.  Stop using [array] in findLogins.  r=MattN
part 4.  Stop using [array] in searchLogins.  r=MattN
part 5.  Stop using [array] in promptToChangePasswordWithUsernames.  r=MattN

Boris, could you please check C-C usage and CC me on the respective bugs to avoid being hit by something like bug 1552059 (at midnight). Looking at bug 1509981, there are a few more in the works. Four if I count correctly: profiler, places, layout history and controller. Or I could check it now.

I'll try, but for some of these things finding the uses is not trivial (esp. in JS, where the compiler won't catch it for you), and I don't really have time for full c-c audits. You may need to track along and look for c-c JS uses yourself...

As for C++ uses, unfortunately there is no good code-search solution for c-c that will Just Show Them like searchfox does for m-c. Again, I'll see if full-text search shows few enough hits that it's obvious, but no guarantees.

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