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Images created without height get incorrect height value...


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Windows XP
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To the best of my knowledge img elements that are created without a default 
width or height property are supposed to get those values set based on the size 
of the image specified as the src. I have tested an img element that is hard-
coded in the HTML page, an img element that is added to the document via 
document.write and an img element that is added via DOM calls and all three 
techniques return the same value and it is wrong. The image I am testing is 
20px tall but Mozilla returns the value as 24px, I have also tested an image 
that is 11px tall and the height is still returned as 24px.. Here's the code:

<title>Untitled Document</title>

<body style="margin:0">

<img id="imgTest1" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" 
src="./blue/preferences.gif" align="absmiddle"/>

<script language="JavaScript">
	var test = document.getElementById("imgTest1");


<script language="JavaScript">
var html = "<table width='100%' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' 
id='imgTest2'><tr><td nowrap><img border='0' src='./blue/preferences.gif' 

var test = document.getElementById("imgTest2");


<script language="JavaScript">
var img = document.createElement("IMG");

img.setAttribute("border", "0");
img.setAttribute("id", "imgTest3");
img.setAttribute("align", "absmiddle");
img.setAttribute("src", "./blue/preferences.gif");

var test = document.getElementById("imgTest3");


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Component: Layout → DOM Style
QA Contact: petersen → ian
Attached file the HTML as an attachment (obsolete) —
Kevin, that testcase shows "58" over here, which is the correct height of the
image in question...  Is that what you see?  In particular, do images that are
shorter than 24px all show 24px for you while ones that are taller show
different values?  If so, what is your font size set to?
  I tried again with an additional image that is 32X32 pixels and I still get 
24 as the reported size for all 3 examples above. As for font, since I don't 
have any elements that use text I am not sure where I would specify a font. 
So, it would seem that both images larger than and smaller than 24px are 
always reported as 24px on my machine at home and at work using Mozilla 1.0.
Attached file Corrected testcase.
Kevin, is that also what you're seeing with this attachment?
Attachment #90299 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Yup.. In IE I see 30, 58, 58. In Mozilla 1.0 I see 24, 24, 24. In NS 7.0 PR1 I 
see 24, 24, 24.. Is there a newer released version of Mozilla I should be 
New development!!! If I hit the F5 key all of the values are reported 
correctly. The values although displayed incorrectly the first time are 
correct after the page is refreshed.
I consistently get 58 3 times here with the attached testcase, I don't see a
problem here (trunk build, Win2k).
have you tried pasting the url of the testcase into the Address bar? If I 
click on the link above I get the correct values, if I paste the address of 
the above link into a new Mozilla window I get the incorrect values.
Same thing...
I've been able to produce the same results using build 20020530 on 3 XP 
machines and 1 2K machine. All of the systems seem to display the correct 
values when viewing the page through the URL above and similarly they display 
the incorrect values when I close the browser, clear the cache and paste this 
URL: into the 
address bar. It seems that the processing of the page is continuing before any 
size information is known about the image. You may not be able to reproduce 
this error if you have the image cached, but that is the only restriction I 
can think of seeing as I have been able to reproduce this error with local 
images. I am going to try and add some code to pre-load the image before 
allowing the rest of the page to render but it would be nice if the browser 
could handle this for me.
Ah, there we go.  If I clear the cache I get "24" -- the height of the
placeholder image.  You're correct that when we encounter an image we put in a
placeholder and keep rendering the rest of the page -- otherwise processing
would need to halt until the images loaded one at a time.  As it is, the page
reflows as the images come in, which is the behavior browsers have had since day
1 for images with no size specified....

Notice that the same thing happens in IE (see the first number in that set; I
suspect the second number will do the same if it were the first test; the third
one will likely be synchronous and hence always the image size in IE....).

You may want to move whatever processing you're doing into the onload handler of
the images.

Also note bug 83774, which _may_ help this situation somewhat.
things are not looking good for me then.. I can consistently get the correct 
values from IE for any image of any size. I can't do this processing in the 
onload event of the image because there are lots of images that need to be 
loaded and the onload event doesn't seem to get called until the body has been 
completely parsed. Is there any way to stop the processing of the page until 
the image has been received? I know this seems horrible but in most cases I am 
talking about images that are around 50 bytes in size and most will be loaded 
over company networks not the internet so the load times should be next to 
nothing. I've tried creating a new Image() object and setting it's source to 
the image I want to load but since the script is in the body it just keeps on 
rendering while the image loads and I can't seem to stop it. You think it's 
feasible to wait until certain attributes of the image are known before 
rendering it's element? i.e. the size since this can cause the entire layout 
of the page to change once the correct values are obtained.
> You think it's feasible to wait until certain attributes of the image are known
> before rendering it's element? 

It's certainly not feasible in the current implementation, and we would not want
to do that in any case -- rendering content as quickly as possible is what a
typical user wants.

The fact the the onload event for the image is not being called till the body is
completely parsed likely just means that the image does not finish loading till
after the body is completely parsed...

Putting the image "preloading" in the <head> _may_ help but is unreliable -- if
the page is cached and the images are not it could break....

Perhaps a better question is "What are you trying to do with the image sizes?"
Well, the images are part of a toolbar for a web application. This application 
is skinnable so I will not know the size of the images beforehand. The entire 
interface is generated dynamically through DOM calls but I render a small 
piece of HTML that contains an image in order to get the size of the image and 
ultimately the size of the toolbar. I am going to work on trying to preload at 
least this one image in order to guarantee myself that I have the correct size 
in Mozilla and NS before I continue. Thanks for all your help!!
Mass-reassigning bugs to
Assignee: jst → dom_bugs
This has been "fixed" as a result of bug 83774.  Now the image will have the 
right .width and .height as soon as we know them, and the onload event for the 
image should fire much earlier.

Marking bug invalid, since the behavior has been correct all along.....
Closed: 22 years ago
Depends on: 83774
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