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On updates, load a page with what's new


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(thunderbird_esr68 fixed, thunderbird69 fixed)

Thunderbird 69.0
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Mentioned in bug 1134760, there is an interest to have updates load "What's New", presumably in a tab

Actually, I'd like to just open the page in the browser. That way people can really explore the thing, there is not the complaints that people can't find their mail tab (IIRC we had bugs for this back when we had what's new in a tab), and - it's an ample opportunity for people to surf on in to the donate page. They can't do that inside Thunderbird.

Summary: On updates, load What's New in a tab → On updates, load a page with what's new

Yes, thanks for correcting that. I wasn't ignoring you - sometimes I just cannot read :)

Would be nice to do for 68

Type: defect → enhancement
Assignee: nobody → geoff

I have a feeling this would be happening if it weren't for this error:

Unable to find update: TypeError: um.getUpdateAt(...) is null specialTabs.js:885
    showWhatsNewPage chrome://messenger/content/specialTabs.js:885
    openSpecialTabsOnStartup chrome://messenger/content/specialTabs.js:652
    OnLoadMessenger chrome://messenger/content/msgMail3PaneWindow.js:522
    onload chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul:1

Calling specialTabs.showWhatsNewPage() manually (i.e. not immediately after start-up) works fine, and the what's new page redirects to the release notes. This is the URL that loads (or would if it weren't broken) after updating from 60.0b9 to 67.0b3:

Our update code is out-of-date compared to Firefox's. This fixes that.

There may be more missing pieces, but if I disable these two checks (which would be true if there's a real update), and put a fake active-update.xml in the build directory a "Welcome to Daily" page opens at start-up.

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Robert, do you have any advice when it comes to testing this part of the code? I figured out that this patch was needed by starting with a v60 beta and having it auto-update to a v67 beta, but that doesn't seem ideal.
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That code is notoriously difficult to test but I did add a test for it recently.

I'm not sure how it would best fit in with your available test harnesses but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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How can I test this?

You can trick the code into thinking an update has happened. Copy this file in objdir/dist/bin/updates.xml, set app.update.postupdate to true and mailnews.start_page_override.mstone to something less than it is, and restart.

I don't think this patch is even necessary, as doing the above works even without it. But we might as well keep up with Firefox on this.

I've been trying to get Robert's automated test going but I think it will require some changes to how we run mochitest first.

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How can I test this?
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Looks good, thx! r=mkmelin
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Ryan: as an idea, I wonder if we could find someone in the community who would like to take on implementing (and/or maintaining) a what's new for nightly. Bugzilla has a pretty nice API so the bugs landed for daily could be listed automatically for such a page, if we'd want to.

(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #11)

How can I test this?

See comment 9.

Yeah I tested earlier. It just decided to send the old bugzilla saved comment again.

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Copy Firefox code for getting the active update. r=mkmelin
Open "what's new" page in browser instead of a tab. r=mkmelin

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This was wanted on 68 but never uplifted. Probably my fault. :-/
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