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Setting 'Use Current Pages' as your homepage via Preferences doesn't apply to pinned tabs


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Steps to reproduce:

Make sure you have at least 2 tabs open and pin at least 1 tab.
Firefox Preferences --> Home --> New Windows and Tabs --> Homepage and new windows
Select 'Use Current Pages' and either open a new window or click the home button.

Actual results:

The tabs that were pinned while clicking 'Use Current Pages' are not included in the Home tabs. The first unpinned tab forms the start of the tab group.

Expected results:

The pinned tabs should form the start of the tab group (I would suggest pinned if opened in a new window and unpinned if opened via the Home button).

Intentional behavior since bug 625329. Leaving open because bug 625329, comment 2 mentions the defunct feature Panorama (tab groups), so this may be worth revisiting.

Blocks: pinnedtabs
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
See Also: → 625329

I don't know of Panorama or "tab groups" as a feature (I assume like the tab groups in the Vivaldi browser?). When I said "tab group" I just meant the collection of tabs I expected to be saved as a "Homepage".
If the behavior is intentional you can close this bug. Although I really fail to understand why anyone wouldn't want their pinned tabs included for browser startup, that just screamed "bug" to me.

Why would you want to duplicate the pinned tabs as normal tabs when clicking the home button?

Also, if you restart the browser, presumably the pinned tabs are preserved and the homepage works correctly in its current implementation, right? And presumably, if you wanted "use current pages" to be including pinned tabs, you would not expect the pinned tabs to be there twice after a restart?

Blocks: 625329
Flags: needinfo?(adir85)

Without a clear idea of what is wrong / needs to change, I don't think this is actionable, so closing as incomplete for now. We can reconsider if there's a more detailed plan of how this should work instead.

Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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