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Build bustage after bug 1551738: Exception: No platform matching u'thunderbird-source' nor 'default' found while determining item `s3_bucket_paths` in `s3_bucket_paths`


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Thunderbird 69.0


(Reporter: jorgk-bmo, Assigned: jorgk-bmo)




(Keywords: regression)


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Attached patch WIP, not working all all. (obsolete) — Splinter Review

Running the taskcluster tool locally, I get:
0:03.91 Error loading tasks for kind beetmover-source:
Exception: No platform matching u'thunderbird-source' nor 'default' found while determining item s3_bucket_paths in s3_bucket_paths

I tried to port a few bits of bug 1551738 with no success. I'll attach a WIP.

Try runs:

This may also need M-C changes, perhaps here:

Maybe Geoff wants to spend some time on this. Or Tom can give us a hint.

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Ported some from here: but still with "Firefox" in the config which doesn't appear to be right.

Rather than modifying m-c, the solution is to copy the artifact manifest to c-c, and change the artifact_map's to point at the c-c copies.

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Attached patch pp.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review

Thanks, Tom. This one works but needs some clean-up.

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Attached patch pp.patchSplinter Review

I'm going to land this now and then Rob can to a clean-up around the edges.

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Port parts of bug 1551738 (rev 7144d26d331ccd17dc9c5b3a79f424fc53a0f1dc) and add artifact manifests. rs=bustage-fix

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 69.0
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Follow-up: remove yaml separator --- from copied files. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
Attached patch 36375.patchSplinter Review

We don't need the custom transform function anymore. Removing it will fix the validation error as the .xpi file was listed twice.

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OK. Are you actually saying that all the stuff I landed was alright? Have you looked at it? Does some of it need to be removed? I just dumped all the FF files in with only some minor tweaks.
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It was trying to upload checksums to an s3 bucket named "default" instead of "pub/thunderbird/nightly"

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Interesting, I should really know more about that stuff.
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Cleaned up the manifest files.

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Thanks, I knew some of that stuff needed to be pulled out, but at 12:30 AM I didn't have the patience.
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Follow-up: Remove custom Thunderbird Langpack transform. r=jorgk
Follow-up: Fix S3 bucket path for checksum uploads. r=jorgk
Follow-up: Cleanup Beetmover manifests. r=jorgk
Follow-up: Restore yaml separator --- since it's required now. r=me DONTBUILD

Keywords: checkin-needed
Regressed by: 1567725
Keywords: regression
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