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Order of newly created bookmarks is different across platforms


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Steps to reproduce:

Add a bookmark to a folder that already contains bookmarks.

Actual results:

The new bookmark is added on top of the list of bookmarks in that folder, making it the first bookmark in that folder.

Expected results:

The new bookmark should be appended to the list of bookmarks, making it the last one. This is the behaviour on Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android should behave consistent to the desktop version IMO.

I use both browsers and that results in my bookmark lists growing in both directions. If I want to find a recently-added bookmark, I need to look at the top and bottom entries. The oldest bookmarks are somewhere in the middle of the list and therefore really hard to find.

Hello and thanks for your report.
I tried to reproduce your issue but I wasn't able.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9);
  • Google Pixel (Android 9).


  • Nightly 68.0a1 (2019-05-17);
  • Release 67.0.

All my bookmarks are always saved on the bottom of the folder(Desktop and Android).
I tried on both ways to save/sync bookmarks but the results remained the same.
What device and android did you use? Also, what version of FF did you tested? Can you retry with a fresh install using the latest Nightly?
Maybe a video reproducing your issue should help.

I'll wait for your updates, thanks.

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I'm using a Nexus 4 running LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1). I now use a fresh install of the latest nightly (68.0a1, 2019-05-17).

My Desktop runs Firefox 66.0.5 on Ubuntu.

Exact steps to reproduce:

  1. In Firefox Desktop, create a new folder my_test on the Bookmarks Toolbar. Add a bookmark to it (I used a google search for "test desktop"). Sync manually.
  2. On mobile, sync too. It will correctly show the my_test folder containing a single item test desktop - Google Search (See screenshot_1).
  3. Now, still on mobile, add a second bookmark to the folder (I used "test mobile"). The newly-created item appears on top (See screenshot_2).
  4. Sync mobile. Sync desktop. The desktop folder also shows "test mobile" on top.

I've tried a couple of other situations:

  • Create folder in Mobile Bookmarks on mobile and add two bookmarks to it. Result is as expected (new bookmarks get appended at the bottom).
  • On mobile, create folder in Desktop Bookmarks -> toolbar and add two bookmarks to it. Result is as expected. Sync. Add a bookmark from desktop (I'm using the link to this issue). Sync (see screenshot_3). Add two bookmarks from mobile. The new bookmarks get appended on top, but newer ones below older ones (see screenshot_4, screenshot_5).

This seems to be a really strange issue. Can you reproduce it using my information?

Thanks in advance for investigating the issue. Please let me know if I can help any further.

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Bug 769476 is already filed for this issue. You can follow the discussion/add comments in the bug. thanks!

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