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Setup GitHub repository for the YouTube playback performance clone


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Given that the YouTube playback performance tests (see bug 1552738) currently require a remote host which serves the web page source and media files, we need a proper way for IT to allow syncing the latest changes. Work for that happens on bug 1548062.

We discussed that topic yesterday in the Raptor planning meeting. We agreed to setup our own Github repository under the Mozilla organization, and to give the fxperftest team write permissions.

Based on that the already setup mirror host can regularly pull from that location, so that no further actions from IT are necessary, when it comes to updating the web page source at least. For media files we expect updates to happen very rarely, or not at all.

Because we might always require custom patches on top of the original files, the handling will happen that way:

  1. Download the current web page source
  2. Update the master branch with the changes
  3. Merge in the changes on the raptor branch which includes additional fixes not having merged upstream.
  4. Push to the updated files to the raptor branch.
  5. The server will pick up the changes with the next scheduled check for updates

As discussed with Rob on IRC the new repository will be named mozilla/perf-youtube-playback.

Assignee: nobody → hskupin
Priority: P2 → P1

The repository has been created now:

Going to work on the import and the raptor branch now.

I imported the code, and created the raptor branch with my commits applied on-top of the original code.

At the same time I updated to make use of the new cloned data instead of the static files. Local testing has been shown that all is fine so far.

I will remove the duplicated source and media files on that host tomorrow morning, if no failures will come up.

Type: defect → task

So my pull request for integrating Raptor in the YouTube EME tests has been denied. As such we definitely have to keep our own copy. Nevertheless I asked on the PR what's best to be based on, and if it makes sense to have a copy of the source or a fork of the original repository.

Unless that has been clarified I will keep this bug open, and make changes accordingly.

But the feature for muted video playback has been accepted! As such we only have to keep track of a single patch for now.

Docs have also been written for updating the source code, and making it work with Raptor:

Tarek, maybe you want to have a look over that? If it is all fine, I will suggest that to wezhou, and we will go-one with the deployment from the raptor branch.

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It all looks fine to me! I am just wondering what should be the frequency of update lookups.

or maybe we can set a probe to parse the version number and get a warning when it changes? But if we're updating every other months it seems fine

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Yes, I think once in a while it should be checked. As mentioned to me especially the playback performance tests shouldn't get that many updates. Maybe only some new files or codecs. It's fine for manual inspection.

As such going to close this bug now. Thanks!

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