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dark mode web site setting doesn't work on linux


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Not set





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Steps to reproduce:

Opening a new profile in nightly
set dark mode in settings ( which set to true)
went to

Actual results:

not using dark style

Expected results:

used dark style

Hi Sean,

The dark theme media query on the is triggered on my Firefox (69, X11) when I try either of the following:

I believe that is not related to forcing the media selector (esp. after looking at the code to the addon).

And when I search on open and closed bugs that refer to the media query selector does not come up.

I'm asking which, if any, pref forces it.

Indeed you are correct. Maybe the mozilla dark-mode should follow the system one then.

See for a downstream issue report with some screenshots. It's surprising that Dark Theme can be selected, yet prefers-color-scheme will choose the "light" theme. Here is another example of user confusion:

In my opinion, if Default Theme is selected, Firefox should try to determine based on system configuration whether the intended mode is "light" or "dark" or maybe neither. However if Dark Theme is selected, this seems to me to be a clear indication from the user that they wish to override the system setting and have Firefox report prefers-color-scheme as dark.

Do Firefox devs agree with this?

I think further adjustments to the Dark Theme and hence a solution related to situations similar to this report are already discussed in bug 1529323.

Type: defect → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → CSS Parsing and Computation
Keywords: dupeme
Product: Firefox → Core

Yes, I am pretty sure this is a dup of bug 1553013.

Closed: 3 years ago
Keywords: dupeme
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1553013

Is that a typo? That bug seems unrelated to me.

yes, pasted a wrong bug number. :/

Duplicate of bug: 1529323
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