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Requesting twig repo cedar be reset


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(Reporter: vporof, Assigned: sheehan)


I've spoken to Mike de Boer, the previous owner, and Cedar is unused at the moment. I'd like to use it for a different project.

This is for reformatting the tree using Prettier, as part of Browser Architecture work. We expect this work to end in August 2019.

I'm not sure what booking Cedar or any disposable tree entails, but this wiki page[0] suggests that the following needs to happen:

  1. Run the following script and reset cedar to mozilla-central:
export REPO_PATH=mozilla-central
export TWIG=cedar

cd /repo/hg/scripts/
./ -s /repo/hg/mozilla/$REPO_PATH -r tip -d $TWIG
  1. Run "hgmo-reset-twig.yml"

  2. The teams who operate the automation need to be notified of the reset, so they can adjust their schedulers.


Component: General → Mercurial:

For what it's worth, I used bug 1518167 as a template.

I'm going to kick this off shortly.

Victor, could you please add yourself to the BOOKING SCHEDULE table on that Wiki page?

Also, do you plan to perform frequent history rewrites (ie do you plan to rebase on top of the latest central every so often)? If so you may want to set the repo to be non-publishing. This will keep changes pushed to the server in the "draft" phase. See hg help evolution and hg help phases for more info.

Assignee: nobody → sheehan
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This is under way.

Twig is reset to f58ae8ec64c8.

Victor, once the booking schedule is updated, please close this bug.

Thanks, this was very timely! Testing it now.

Looks like the booking schedule has been updated. Please re-open if you run into trouble.

Closed: 3 years ago
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