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line-height does not work for input.


(Core :: Layout: Form Controls, defect)

Not set





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We are adding the testcase. Note that the simple testcase have a INPUT TEXT
element and a SELECT. Both are binded with the TEST CSS class. The SELECT field
works okay with line-height but that does not work with the INPUT.
Attached file Testcase
-> form controls (not that I think it should work, but...)
Assignee: attinasi → rods
Component: Layout → HTML Form Controls
QA Contact: petersen → tpreston
Summary: line-height does not work for input. → line-height does not work for input.
We are also looking for workarounds to this case. This happes with TopSite in China.
This new variation of the testcase demonstrates that the line-height sort of
works with the input element. I added height:60px to the input in the inline
style definition. Note that this have "Activated" the line-height of the input.
I believe that form elements, which are replaced, should not be affected by the
property 'line-height', so the bug may actually be that we do something with it
on 'select'.  Inline replaced elements should honor 'height' but not
'line-height', just as it's the reverse for inline non-replaced elements (like

cc:ing dbaron, because I just loooove to fill up his inbox.  Also because he
probably knows a lot more about forms and CSS than I do, particularly whatever
work is being done for CSS3, and I'm thinking this bug should probably be moved
over to Style anyway.
It shouldn't be moved over to style.  I've always said that CSS shouldn't affect
form controls, so I don't think the 'line-height' should have an affect here,
but many others disagree with me.  What's clearly happening is that it's being
inherited into the inside of the form control, which we build out of basic CSS
display types (blocks and inlines) and a bunch of fancier stuff.
So, it's better to disable or to finish the way we started? I am wondering what 
would be fast, safe and easier. We do have sites using this (this case came 
from a major site in china).

Note that once you set height to the *input* the line-height have effect! also. 
Blocks: 167236
Depends on: 82265
We'll be disabling line-height on inputs, looks like.
Assignee: rods → jkeiser
Fixed by checkin for bug 82265.
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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