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2 or more dots in a row in the host name of the URL makes FF to start open new tabs


(Firefox :: Address Bar, defect, P5)

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(Reporter: jdbenavent, Unassigned, NeedInfo)



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Steps to reproduce:

By mistake I typed two dots in the host name of a URL, for instance,

Actual results:

Firefox started to open new tabs in the same window repeatedly.
The only way to stop that is to kill the firefox window.

Expected results:

It should look for "" in the internet searcher ( or

Component: Untriaged → Address Bar

I can't reproduce this, and it would be very strange for Firefox to repeatedly open tabs based only on what you typed in the address bar. Are you using any extensions? Does the problem happen in safe mode?

Flags: needinfo?(jdbenavent)
Priority: -- → P5
Duplicate of this bug: 1560287
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