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PDFjs adding Top and Bottom Magins to Printout


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Steps to reproduce:

Set Applications >PDF > Preview in Firefox
Print a PDF.
I have tried/checked:

  • Set in about:config , all magins for the printer to 0 (print.printer_4100DN_USB.print_margin_top etc)
  • Ensure there are no additional Gutter or Margins added by the Printer properties.
  • Ensure the Application adds no add'l margin
    Page size is set correctly in Printer settings

Actual results:

PDFjs preview window shows correct layout, without any additional margins.
Then when actually Print, or print Print Preview, additional margins are added.
Heres the problem:
FF v52.2.1esr Win 7 : Added ~0.5" to Left and Top margins (possibly R & B also).
FF v67.0 (latest) Win 7 : Added ~0.5" to Top and Bottom margins
FF v67.0 MX Linux : No added margins, however cannot use due to another bug with the Linux version of PDF.js (or FF)

Expected results:

No additional margins should be added. Or if must be , there needs to be a menu item to set these magins.
We print to 4 labels per sheet and 3 labels per sheet, so addition of margins is NOT acceptable. This is a deal-breaker for us.
We are forced to use the FF Preview in FF because there is no Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin support since v57. With the old v52.2.1 FF with Acrobat Plugin everything worked perfectly.

User Agent incorrect:
This relates to FF v67.0 + Win 7

Umm, is that a request of some kind? If so Pls explain.

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:bdahl, could you have a look please?

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Would it be possible to email me the PDF?

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