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Run |mach google| using Python 3


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This bug is more about proving out our Python 3 + mach infrastructure than actually needing to run mach google with Python 3. I'm choosing mach google as its implementation is absolutely trivial. The idea is that once we have a path forward for solving a simple mach command like this, the doors open to start converting more complicated ones in the future.

There are essentially two approaches here:

  1. Leave the mach driver and bootstrap code as is such that we invoke Python 2, then detect whether or not a command requires Python 3 and invoke a Python 3 interpreter in a subprocess prior to command dispatch.

  2. Extract a handful of command metadata into a config file that we read in the mach driver (using bash). This metadata would include name, description, path and python version. We could then see up-front whether our requested command needs Python 2 or Python 3 and invoke the proper interpreter directly.

I like option 2 better because it avoids spawning two interpreters. It also gives us a mechanism to discover mach commands without needing to import the world, which should speed up every mach invocation by dozens of milliseconds.

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