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add test cases for patch that added support for text-underline-offset to the style system


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Implementing changes recommended here:
Mainly adding test cases and ref tests for text-underline-offset

Per , I suspect emilio may actually have been asking for a "testharness.js"-based test here, not a reftest, to test the parsing behavior (the part that we'll support [aside from from-font] when your patch there lands).

(This will be sort of redundant in our own test suite, since we've got the property_database.js-based mochitests that should exercise this pretty well. But I suppose it's still good to add as a validation that our expectations about parsing matches what other browsers do. And it lets us express that e.g. from-font is supposed to be supported but is not yet, which we can do by adding a failure annotation for just that one part of the test, if we hypothetically had a web-platform-test that tests all the values.)

You could probably start with this testcase as an example to use:

Note that we fail that test right now, and we have the specific failures annotated here:
(Note the paths are almost the same, except for "meta" instead of "tests" and the ".ini" suffix. This is how our test harness discovers known/expected test failures.)

So you could, for example, make a copy of that testcase and just swap out the property & values for text-underline-offset and its values in your copy.

So, supposing your new test is named e.g. "text-underline-offset-parsing-001.html", you'll need to create an .ini file in the "parallel-universe" subdirectory tree but within the web-platform/meta directory instead of web-platform/tests (like the pair of files linked above in comment 1), and that .ini file should...

(a) start out with the name of the test in square-brackets on the first line (like other WPT known-failure-annotation .ini files do)

(b) set the pref that controls your property (to enable it for this specific test), like we do here for example:

(c) If your test includes a check for the from-font value (and it probably should), then the .ini file will need to include a chunk to express that this particular check is currently expected to fail for us, similar to the failure-annotations in text-decoration-skip-ink.html.ini linked in comment 0. (I believe the failure annotations are programmatically matched up against the specific bits of logging for the failing subtest, e.g. the "assert_true" message in this case.)

Summary: fix indentations, add test cases for patch that added support for text-underline-offset to the style system → add test cases for patch that added support for text-underline-offset to the style system
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Keywords: checkin-needed
Keywords: checkin-needed

One test case for the from-font feature is expected to fail (noted in it's ini file), when this is implemented later it should pass

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added web platform tests for text-underline-offset r=emilio
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