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Implement about:config wildcard regex filtering


(Toolkit :: Preferences, enhancement, P3)

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Wildcards, jav*ena
Regex, /jav.*ena/

Fail to work in Quantum.

Not sure if Bug 1497725 was meant to address this or not?

In bug 1497725 comment 2, I think the plan was to file a follow-up bug to implement regex search in about:config, but I don't think it happened (at least as far as I can tell).

Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: about:config wildcard regex are ineffectual → Implement about:config wildcard regex filtering

To clarify my comment in bug 1497725, there was no intention to file a follow-up bug to implement regular expression filtering, given the extremely low usage: 33 times in absolute terms, 0.005% in relative terms. That was over a time span of a month or so and for Nightly users, if I remember correctly. The only other use case was to preselect a set of multiple preferences, which was something the "favorites" feature in bug 1497728 could cover in a better, more visible way.

That said, I know various tasks have been added to the scope of the project since then, including bug 1544195 that was filed to still allow some sort of wildcard. While my opinion on the usefulness of these has not changed, it may be the case that as part of the new scope of work the final version might include some form of regular expression filtering. At the moment, the project is on hold, so it's difficult to say what will be in scope for the first release.

Duplicate of this bug: 1600975

It would appear that somewhere along the line (at least by today's nightly), wildcards (but still not regex), are working; jav.*ena.

Looks like that was, Bug 1544195.

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