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Add startup.profile_selection_reason to new profile ping to enable better identification of new installations


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In main summary, there's a probe: startup.profile_selection_reason that enables us to see the reason why a profile was selected at startup. This same probe would be extremely valuable in the new profile table as well as it would allow us to see / segment the new profile pings by the reason a profile was created. This should allow us to differentiate between new profiles that are as a result of a freshly installed version vs. due to other reasons giving us a clearer picture of our acquisition funnel and conversion rates in the funnel.

Bug adding telemetry event to main summary can be found here:

We can't easily add a field from one ping (main) to the summary table for another ping (new-profile), but this is something we could potentially add to the clients_daily or clients_last_seen datasets - would that help?

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Perhaps the simplest solution is just to have a table that accumulates a list of profiles that were created due to profile-per-install. Then this can easily be joined with whatever data source a person is using.

Note this is also being discussed here:

I get the challenge we'd have adding it to the summary table. I guess my question is more what would we need to do to get the profile_selection_reason sent as part of the new profile ping itself? I think incorporating it there, would be the cleanest solution long term as it would:

  • Simplify querying for new profiles. We could simply select the specific profile selection reasons we want to see.
  • Reduce the impact of retention on the acquisition / new profiles reporting. We don't always see all our new profiles send a first shutdown or main ping so using them to filter possibly means we may still be overstating our new profiles / installs.
  • Allow us to segment the new profiles data better. Looks like that particular dimension can identify the reason a new ping came about i.e. looks like we could separate out new profiles from an install / first run vs new profiles from other activities e.g a user initiated command line argument. This would be really useful from an acquisition / retention perspective as it would give us a much crisper acquisition number.
  • Reduce the need for join operations and having to scan through main summary and first shutdowns for specific clients keeping query costs low
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As a data point for future reference my query on main_summary below found 99.96% of the profiles compared to also looking at first_shutdown_summary:

ppi_profiles = spark_instance.table("main_summary").select(
'''submission_date_s3 >= '20190121'
AND scalar_parent_startup_profile_selection_reason IN (
'firstrun-skipped-default', 'restart-skipped-default'

Jan-Erik, do you know what would be involved in adding this info to the new-profile ping?

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Thanks to the multi-store this should be rather simple:

  1. Add a record_into_store field to the definition file (Scalars.yaml) (don't forget to keep it in the main store as well)
  2. In sendNewProfilePing fetch the data from the new-profile store and merge it into the payload [^1]
  3. Change the pipeline schema to optionally accepts scalar data

[^1]: We might want to always clear out the new-profile store, just so we don't keep too much data around that's never gonna be used when there's no new-profile ping needed.

I guess technically the Telemetry team owns the new-profile team, so we could work/help with the implementation if needed.

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Thank Jan-Erik. Sounds like we have a possible path forward. Is this a change that can make it into Fx69 for September 3rd release? If it is, how can we get it prioritized / what are the next steps? We are going to have to do setup skyline reporting and this change would make that reporting a lot more accurate.

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I'll file a bug in our client component to track the implementation.
I should be able to prioritize implementation for early next week. Once that lands and we get at least some data in we would need to request the patch to be uplifted into Fx69 beta. We should be fine if we get that done in the next week.

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(Of course I manage to attach the m-c changes to the wrong issue)

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(In reply to Jan-Erik Rediger [:janerik] from comment #6)

  1. Change the pipeline schema to optionally accepts scalar data

Jan-Erik took care of this over in a PR and a follow-up in the schemas repo.

I think we're good to resolve this bug now, I was able to query this data using:

  json_extract(additional_properties, '$.payload.processes.parent.scalars[\'startup.profile_selection_reason\']') AS reason,
  DATE(submission_timestamp) = '2019-08-25'
  AND additional_properties LIKE '%"scalars":%'
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Just to make you aware: The code changed landed in Firefox 70, trees go into soft-code freeze today, meaning I can't really uplift this anymore to 69 (currently beta, going into release next week).

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