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TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | [snip]mozmill/content-tabs/test-content-tab.js and folder-display/test-right-click-middle-click-messages.js


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Thunderbird 69.0


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I see this in the error console:
JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/nsContextMenu.js, line 84: TypeError: PageMenuParent.buildAndAddToPopup is not a function
JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/mailContextMenus.js, line 55: TypeError: gContextMenu is undefined

This comes from bug 1505909 where buildAndAddToPopup was removed:

I'll disable the tests for now since I don't see this being fixed in a flash.

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Just mentioning:
mozmake SOLO_TEST=folder-display/test-right-click-middle-click-messages.js mozmill-one
mozmake SOLO_TEST=content-tabs/test-content-tab.js mozmill-one
show horribly long context menus now.

I've done some pattern matching and with this patch, all but one test pass again. I'll disable the failing one separately.

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Port bug 1505909: Replace use of buildAndAddToPopup(). rs=bustage-fix
Disable failing check in test-content-tab.js::test_content_tab_context_menu. rs=bustage-fix

Looking at the test failure:

Somehow that was checking if some "page menu" got added. Looks like it's driven by .hasPageMenu.

I'd like to know what a page menu is, but clearly M-C changed code around this feature here:

Anyway, I have a fix, attaching patch now.

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This does the trick.

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Follow-up: Fix 'page menu' and re-enable check. rs=bustage-fix

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This should be:
this.hasPageMenu = PageMenuParent.addToPopup(menuObject, null, aPopup);

I'll fix it myself if I do a push today.

It seems a page menu is what you get when an HTML page uses the (now deprecated, I believe) <menu> element to add stuff to the context menu.
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Follow-up, take 2: Fix assignment of 'hasPageMenu'. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
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