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Change panel order to reflect popularity


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Firefox 69
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(Reporter: Harald, Assigned: fvsch)


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(Keywords: dev-doc-needed, ux-consistency)

User Story

The order of the tabs atm is more of a legacy from past development, preferences and Firebug migration. A better order would reflect usage and be closer to the order of Chrome.

Current order: Inspector, Console, Debugger, Style, Performance, Memory, Network, Storage

Better order: Inspector, Console, Debugger, Network, Style, Performance, Memory, Storage


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Martin and Victoria for input, if this looks OK or needs further consideration.

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Type: defect → enhancement
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This new order sounds great to me! I remember noticing the Network problem a long time ago but forgot about it, probably due to sortable tabs. Glad you're bringing it up again.

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The order makes sense (and it's where I put Network too :P)

Where would Accessibility fit?

Same comment as :fvsch. The order in general makes sense, but I'm missing the accessibility panel.

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Right now its after Storage, they are on par on usage.

This bug focuses on ordering by usage, so I would not make the call on how to change the order of Storage vs A11Y. We might want to consider other factors and we have another round of re-considerations when we enable the Application panel.

I made a patch which the Network order change.

On the technical side, tool definitions have an ordinal number and there were a few gaps, plus the Accessibility tool (visible by default) was after the Scratchpad and DOM tools (disabled by default), which can be seen currently in the Settings page. So I've modified the ordinal numbers like this:

Ordinal Current Updated
1 Inspector Inspector
2 Console Console
3 Debugger Debugger
4 Style Editor Network
5 - Style Editor
6 - Performance
7 Performance Memory
8 Memory Storage
9 Network Accessibility
10 Storage Application
11 - DOM
12 Scratchpad Scratchpad
13 DOM -
14 Accessibility -
15 Application -
Assignee: nobody → florens

Harald, can you review the complete order above ("Updated" column, including hidden-by-default panels)?

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Rebased try push has only one orange, with the orange tests passing locally, so we should be good.

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Move Netmonitor tab to 4th place to reflect popularity; r=yulia
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 69

The new order LGTM, thank you Florens!

Tracking for release notes and updated docs.

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Keywords: dev-doc-needed

This seems like a release notes only thing. Let me know if I'm wrong.

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I'm not sure what changes Harald had in mind.

Network is in 4th position on:

Which looks correct to me.

Not sure we need to call out changing the tab's default position in release notes.

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(In reply to Florens Verschelde :fvsch from comment #15)

I'm not sure what changes Harald had in mind.

Network is in 4th position on:

Which looks correct to me.

Not sure we need to call out changing the tab's default position in release notes.

Thanks for the response. I'll mention this to Chris tomorrow at our 1:1 but I agree.

LGTM. Toolbar storing isn't consistent in most screenshots across MDN anyways.

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