Open Bug 1558990 Opened 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

commandDispatcher::advanceFocusIntoSubtree hangs for a child in a document having no focusables


(Core :: XUL, defect, P2)





(Reporter: surkov, Unassigned)




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Blocks: 1495621

Olli, what do you think about the latest approach?

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I'll review once I have time. Today or tomorrow.

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Asked a question in phabricator.

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Priority: -- → P2

Unfortunately, I won't be able to dubug it anytime soon, cancelling my ni request. Not sure if this bug is XUL specific only (see tests from, but if it can be reproduced for HTML, then the crash must be exposed to the web, so needless to say the crash priority has to be bumped.

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