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Accessible caret is not rotated with text it's selecting


(Core :: DOM: Selection, defect, P3)





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Attached file testcase

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open the testcase with accessible caret enabled (on a touchable device like mobile)
  2. try to select the text

Expected result:
the accessible caret is rotated with the text

Actual result:
it's not.

(Actually Firefox probably performs the best in this case. Safari on iOS shows the selection range incorrectly. Chrome on Android renders it similar to Firefox but it seems dragging its start caret would deselect everything.)

Component: Editor → Selection

Currently, AccessibleCaret doesn't work so well with non-horizontal text. If we want to fix this properly, we should consider vertical writing-mode as well.

Also, if we want the caret to be rotated with the text, we need to make sure the usability is still good and smooth when dragging a caret, say from a horizontal text to some skewed text.

See Also: → 1217841
Severity: normal normal → S3 S3
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