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Specify missing bug field types


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In Bug 1529362, I’m creating Ajax-based completely new bug lists, which are currently dead plain tables. I need to know the type of each field so the display values can be enriched, but most fields don’t have the type specified. Will send a PR shortly.

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Just a sanity check - and perhaps this isn't the right bug to ask this (though the linked-to bug 1529362 clearly isn't the right place, either) - but how will this cope with Bugzilla extensions that add custom fields and which don't specify a field type?

I know that a type should be specified, but if Bugzilla doesn't enforce this (which I assume it doesn't, based on this commit) then you can be sure there are extensions which leave it unspecified. You'll need to ensure the new Bugzilla doesn't blow up when it encounters this situation.

Many fields in the core and extensions are still without any type, and it won’t be a big problem. By specifying a type, the field will get a proper presentation and sort order on the new search results page, so it’s a good idea to always do so.

OK - that sounds fine. Just making sure that someone had considered this... sounds like you have! :-)

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