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initServerType throws an exception for non-built-in server types


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, enhancement, minor)

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(thunderbird_esr6869+ fixed, thunderbird70 fixed, thunderbird71 fixed)

Thunderbird 71.0
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thunderbird_esr68 69+ fixed
thunderbird70 --- fixed
thunderbird71 --- fixed


(Reporter: neil, Assigned: aceman)



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The page wants to look up the pretty name of the server type here:

  var serverType = document.getElementById("server.type").getAttribute("value");
  var propertyName = "serverType-" + serverType;

  var messengerBundle = document.getElementById("bundle_messenger");
  var verboseName = messengerBundle.getString(propertyName);
  setDivText("servertype.verbose", verboseName);

(Owl currently monkeypatches this function anyway in order to adjust the authentication menulist, so we just hard code this to "owl", while ExQuilla doesn't use this page.)

Could you maybe somehow add the needed string to the messenger bundle? Or is that not possible at runtime?

I don't think you can do that at runtime; the string bundle API doesn't have any methods for writing, and you obviously can't write to the locale files.

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OK, we can catch the case in the AM code. Do you see a way the addon can provide that type description?
Theoretically, displaying the raw type is OK in many cases as it is already prefixed with a label "Server type:" so if it comes out as "Server type: nntp", it is understandable.
But e.g. for Owl addon it would display "Server type: owl" (if you didn't patch the function), which surely isn't the best presentation. You probably would want to display something like "MS Exchange (provided by Owl)".

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... actually although we patch the function we just use the raw type anyway; I guess we should change this...
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Must be good if Neil likes it. Any uplift for this to ESR 68? I'll stick it into the beta.
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The only user is probably Owl, and they have it overridden, so there shouldn't be any harm to get it into 68. Owl can then choose if they take advantage of it in any way.

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Handle missing server type description for addon-provided server types in account manager. r=jork DONTBUILD

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