Image files should not be embedded in glossary txt files



17 years ago
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(Reporter: karl, Assigned: henrik)


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17 years ago
Right now image files are encoded as text and included in the 'glossary.txt' file (inside ''). It would be better if they were put as separate files inside '' (in a directory, possibly named by it's location in 'en-US.jar'). This should happen with both original and localized files. This way of organizing files will work much better with CVS, as the 'glossary.txt' will only contain plain text. (I store my localization in CVS.)

There should be a button for saving a file / all files (i.e. image files) to an external directory. The translator could then localize these, and import them back into MT. (If Java supports displaying PNG, GIF and JPEG files, they could be displayed on the 'Advanced Edit' box, but this is not important.)

The normal grid layout should stay the way it is, but the 'Advanced Edit' dialogue should looke similar to this:

Original file | Translated file
    Save      |   Save | Open

This should be done for all non-text files (i.e. all files except XML, RDF, TXT, HTML, HTM, ENT, DTD files I think).

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17 years ago
version 5.00 now supoorts translations of images, so this bug should be fixed.

USe the Edit Binary dialog to translate the images.

please open separate bugs on any issues.
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The MozillaTranslator component is moving to the Mozilla Localisations product.
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