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Expose the list of build resource data from mach resource-usage page


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The mach resource-usage page supports a list of build resource data,
but only ever displays the first one. Nothing actually creates a list
with multiple items automatically, but one might want to do that
manually to explore data from multiple builds more conveniently.

So if such a list exists, we expose a dropdown list of all the data
available, and switch the graph when a different item is chosen from the

Attached file data.tar.gz

With the patch from this bug, one can take the python/mozbuild/mozbuild/resources/html-build-viewer/index.html file, extract the contents of this data.tar.gz in the same directory, run an HTTP server serving the directory (with e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer), and open in a browser, to see the various build resource data I collected last week in one go:

  • 72/normal.json: normal clobber build on a 72 cores machine.
  • 72/rust-sep.json: clobber build on a 72 cores machine, with MOZ_RUST_TIER set (bug 1560442)
  • 72/rust-pipeline.json: clobber build on a 72 cores machine, with MOZ_RUST_TIER and CARGO_BUILD_PIPELINING set.
  • 36/*.json: same on a 36 cores machine.
  • 16/*.json: same on a 16 cores machine.
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Expose the list of build resource data from `mach resource-usage` page. r=nalexander
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