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UI locale is detectable by button width


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Browser locale is detectable by measuring the width of a button <input type="submit"> without a value property, which gets a default text that depends on the browser language. We have a patch for this in Tor Browser which would like to upstream.

Whiteboard: tor 24056
Whiteboard: tor 24056 → [tor 24056]

When privacy.spoof_english = 2, we should hide the user's
locale in content. So we use en-US default strings for HTML
form elements, such as a Submit button.

We also force GetLocalizedEllipsis() to always return the
ellipsis used by en-US.

I realized that resource://gre/chrome/en-US/locale/en-US/global/layout/ which the patch is using for spoofing is not available in localized desktop builds. I just tested with langpacks, where it is available.

Would it be feasible to make en-US/locale/en-US/global/layout/ available in localized desktop builds? (AFAIK in Android builds this is not an issue, since they are multilocale).

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Would it be feasible to make en-US/locale/en-US/global/layout/ available in localized desktop builds?

My initial guess is that it would take a lot of work to refactor how we build Firefox to include en-US resources for .properties in every build, but I'm going to redirect the question to Axel, who's better positioned to make such evaluations.

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I'm not sure banning all of is the right solution. There's stuff like file picker dialogs, which shouldn't web-sniffable at all, and thus, IMHO, should stay localized.

We'll want to have something for Fluent eventually, too.

One way might be to change the call sites to say eMAYBE_FORMS or so, and then to set that to the localized forms one when obfuscation isn't on.

I think a better solution would be to find a way to size the localized UI controls so that they don't show that they're localized.

From a packaging POV, you'd need to double-package the, once for l10n, and one in content, and then refer to the one in content for hard-coded strings. That'll require some whitelisting of that file to be double-packaged, too.

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There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:acat, could you have a look please?
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Updated patch double-packaging and trying to only spoof strings that are content accessible.

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Allow spoofing strings in HTML forms r=baku,Pike

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Port bug 1561322 - Include @RESPATH@/res/locale/layout/ in rs=bustage-fix
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