Open Bug 1561559 Opened 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago

Figure out why there are temporary body files on unexpected directory


(Core :: DOM: Service Workers, defect, P3)





(Reporter: tt, Unassigned)



Bugs and telemetry data show that temporary body files exist in origin directories, and idb directories (should only be under $origin/cache/morgue/). I wonder if there is a bug on DOM Cache.

I would probably check all the places in DOM cache implementation that call EnsureOriginIsInitialized or GetOriginDirectory. Maybe the returned nsIFile is used directly (without appending additional path to it).

Note that the body files on the unexpected directories I've seen are all in temporary format. ({$UUID}.tmp; Once the operation finish its work, the body file will be renamed to {$UUID}.final). I'm so sure if that matter, but that might reduce the scope for investigating.

Severity: normal → S3
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