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Align message header with dismiss button for bookmark panel message


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Firefox 69
69.4 - Jun 24 - Jul 7
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As discovered through bug 1559946 in some locales due to the length of some strings the bookmark panel is a lot wider than in en-US. This was partly addressed in the previous bug but it did not properly account for the length of the title.

With the patch applied.

Previously the dismiss button was absolutely position. The issue with that is the title couldn't expand to full panel width without sometimes overlapping with the dismiss button. We had to limit the width of the title but that was problematic for locales where the panel is a lot wider.

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Type: defect → task
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Align message header with dismiss button for CFR bookmark panel message r=r1cky

Backed out changeset 80e608691309 for causing failures in browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js

Backout link:

Push with failures:

Failure log:

[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.968Z] 14:45:36 INFO - TEST-PASS | browser/components/newtab/test/browser/browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js | We sent a valid message - true == true -
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.969Z] 14:45:36 INFO - Console message: [JavaScript Error: "The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the file needs to be declared in the transfer protocol or file needs to use a byte order mark as an encoding signature." {file: "data:text/plain,test cfr fxa bookmark panel message" line: 0}]
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.969Z] 14:45:36 INFO - Console message: [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: [fluent][resolver] errors in en-US/newtab-section-header-pocket: ReferenceError: Unknown variable: provider."]
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.970Z] 14:45:36 INFO - Buffered messages finished
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.970Z] 14:45:36 INFO - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/components/newtab/test/browser/browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js | Should attach 4 children elements - 3 == 4 - JS frame :: chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/newtab/test/browser/browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js :: test_fxa_message_shown :: line 41
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - Stack trace:
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/newtab/test/browser/browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js:test_fxa_message_shown:41
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - chrome://mochikit/content/browser-test.js:Tester_execTest/<:1115
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - chrome://mochikit/content/browser-test.js:Tester_execTest:1143
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - chrome://mochikit/content/browser-test.js:nextTest/<:1004
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.971Z] 14:45:36 INFO - chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js:SimpleTest.waitForFocus/waitForFocusInner/focusedOrLoaded/<:803
[task 2019-06-28T14:45:36.972Z] 14:45:36 INFO - TEST-PASS | browser/components/newtab/test/browser/browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js | Two fluent files required for translating the message - 2 == 2 -

Flags: needinfo?(andrei.br92)

Mochitests need to be updated. I'll fix up the patch.

Flags: needinfo?(andrei.br92)
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Align message header with dismiss button for CFR bookmark panel message r=r1cky
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 69
Iteration: --- → 69.4 - Jun 24 - Jul 7
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