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Add a test for dragging the RCD-RSF scrollbar


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Our existing APZ mochitests which exercise scrollbar dragging all use subframe scrollbars. The RCD-RSF scrollbar is unique in some ways (e.g. hit-testing it has interactions with zooming) so we should test dragging it as well.

Dragging the viewport scrollbar is accomplished by passing in a window
rather than an element.

Note that we can't just pass in the window's document.documentElement,
because coordinatesRelativeToScreen() would not give the correct result
for it. This is turn is because for a scrollable <div>, getBoundingClientRect()
returns the scroll frame's outer rect, but for the <html> element,
getBoundingClientRect() returns the root scroll frame's inner rect.

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Add an nsIContent overload of nsLayoutUtils::FindScrollableFrameFor. r=tnikkel
Add an nsIDOMWindowUtils API for querying the size of layout scrollbars. r=tnikkel
Modify dragVerticalScrollbar() to support dragging the viewport scrollbar as well. r=kats
Add a test to exercise dragging the viewport scrollbar. r=kats
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