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The debugger of firefox performs a GET request to the server when navigated to the source of the page being viewed.


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Steps to reproduce:

In my web app, on one URL I only accept POST data (from a previous form) and give an HTML response. So on that page, I wanted to use the dev tools to observe the exact response sent.

Thus, I opened the devtools by F12 and then navigated to debugger tab. And then I clicked on the currently displayed HTML file, from the file listings on the left.

Actual results:

Apparently, the debugger itself sent a new GET request to the same URL on the server (most probably to obtain the HTML of the currently viewed page). Since on that URL I have configured it to only accept POST data and thus it returns an error response on GET request. Thus, the HTML and the rendered page are not consistent.

Expected results:

The page source should have been of the currently rendered page, new page source should not be fetched from the server !

Component: Untriaged → Debugger
Product: Firefox → DevTools

Not only does it issue a fresh request, it does so with a different session, making it impossible to debug behind a log in. Is it necessary to fetch the source again? Even if we ignore POSTs, and the session issue were resolved, is it reasonable to assume you're going to get identical results from two different GETs?

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Flags: needinfo?(jlaster)
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Just wanted to know whether the status of this report will ever be confirmed ?
Basically is this a deliberate design choice or maybe it is an actual flaw ?

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This a flaw in the current design, absolutely. Unfortunately fixing this hasn't ended up being prioritized at the moment for the usual reasons, there's always other bigger stuff that need doing, and this is realistically not straightforward at all to address.

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