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Searching Pdf fails in Windows. Linux works Windows does not.


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Attached video FFSearchBug.m4v

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Steps to reproduce:

Name Firefox
Version 67.0.4
Build ID 20190619235627
Firfox 67.01:

Replicated on W7, W10, and clean W10 with FF fresh install straight out of the box.

NOTE-1: Linux Mint 18.3 FF 67.04 for Linux Mint V1.0 All good works as it should.
It seems to be a FF for Windows Issue.
NOTE-2: Microsoft Edge has no issues as seen in the video in the second half.
NOTE-3: Same Pdf file used on all tests.

As seen in Video:
-Load pdf
-search first word 'User' it's on first page > no other instances found?
-Search number '306' located on last two pages > Not found
-Go to last page > clear search > then 306 search > Found.
-Search word comfort, again failure. In the video when on the page it also seems to start to find it on the page but then it fails, to many instances on one page?.

MS Edge finds all instances of all words.

This seems to be a long standing bug possibly related to these three:

  • Bug 839096 Searching for consecutive words is broken in pdf.js

  • Bug 1020254 Searching for the same word twice in a pdf is not working properly

  • Bug 1486975 Windows 10 kills pdf Document word search (ctrl+F) forces Microsoft Edge

Actual results:

Fails to find search words not in focus page or multiple instances of the search word. Also fails to find search word when page is in focus but there are multiple instances of the word.

Expected results:

Find the search word.
show how many instances.

I am going to assign the "Firefox: PDF Viewer" component for it.

Is it possible to share your PDF here in order to confirm the bug?

Component: Untriaged → PDF Viewer
Flags: needinfo?(pauls583)

Requested PDF file.

Flags: needinfo?(pauls583)

(In reply to Hani Yacoub from comment #1)

I am going to assign the "Firefox: PDF Viewer" component for it.

Is it possible to share your PDF here in order to confirm the bug?


I couldn't reproduce the issue on Windows 10 x64, I tried on Firefox Nightly 69.0a1 and on Firefox 67.0.4.
Could you please try to reproduce the issue using a fresh profile?

You have the steps here:


Flags: needinfo?(pauls583)

In the video

First disregard first bit I went into about:config first instead of about:profiles
This test was done on a PC with W10 64 but

New profile created 'whocares'
In the Video it works for the first Two times
then it begins to progressively fail. Even the search for 'User'
there are 60 odd results in test 5 there only 6 results.

Test 1 , 2 & 4 OK
Test 3 and 5 Failure

Test1 > 2.00
Test2 > 2.40
Test3 > 3.40 Failure
Test4 > 4.35
Test5 > 5.50 Failure with odd results for word user.

Flags: needinfo?(pauls583)
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [pdfjs-c-ux][pdfjs-d-text-search]
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