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[meta] Support Puppeteer examples


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This bug is to help track issues related to the examples folder in the puppeteer project. Supporting these will get us closers to a release

As I mentioned previously, I don’t think it makes sense for us to
pass all the examples, but we should make sure the examples we think
most users will be interested in work. Some of the other examples
are arguably more esoteric, presumably to showcase the different
things Puppeteer is capable of.

Some comments:

  • block-images.js relies on network resource blocking which we
    probably can do in Firefox, but I think there are higher priorities.

  • The pdf.js example seems to rely on the networkidle2 event that
    we don’t support, and possibly can’t support in Firefox.

  • The proxy.js example is instruments Chrome using the --proxy-server
    or --proxy-bypass-list flags which we don’t have.

The remaining examples largely makes sense.

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Keywords: meta
Summary: [Meta] Support puppeteer examples folder → [meta] Support Puppeteer examples
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Alias: puppeteer-examples
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