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Add Proguard rule to prevent stripping of org.mozilla.gecko.util.DebugConfig


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We had to add a Proguard rule to Fenix to prevent stripping of DebugConfig's fields. It would be ideal if applications could just inherit this rule from GeckoView.

We ran into this when testing Fenix with the latest Raptor, which writes a *-config.yml file to specify Gecko runtime settings such as the profile dir. DebugConfig isn't a standard POJO and its fields are not accessible from the outside. While it would be possible to refactor DebugConfig so its fields don't get optimized way, the current solution seems better and adding an exlusion rule is preferable.


Anything in org.mozilla.gecko.* is private to GeckoView, will be hidden soon and should not be relied upon, so please don't use it.

Why is it a problem that the DebugConfig class is optimized away?

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:agi Fenix and Android Components are not referencing or relying on this type, but Raptor now writes a *-config.yml file to specify Gecko runtime arguments for performance testing. The .yaml is deserialized into a DebugConfig instance which fails if the type (or its fields) are pruned.

See and for the background on this.

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ooh I see. So it's yaml using reflection or something similar to create the object and ProGuard is not smart enough to know about that. Sounds important.

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Assigning to Agi because he posted a fix.

69=affected because we'll presumably want to uplift this fix to GV 69 Beta for Fenix testing.

Assignee: nobody → agi

Actually I don't think we need to uplift this one as Fenix has a solid workaround (they added the rule to their proguard file).

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