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Cmd-B while customize Sidebar crashes



17 years ago
16 years ago


(Reporter: stf, Assigned: saari)







17 years ago
As requested, here is a new bug report for bug 2 that was in

Build 0704 1601

I was trying to reproduce a bug that also appear with the poof crash, but until
now I was not able too... briefly the bugzilla web form was no more usable,
can't put the cursor in the field.

But that's not that one, it seems there is also a bug with the CMD-B commands,
here are several crash logs (cmd-b crash) but can't find an exact path.
Perhaps it's also the Poof bug but appearing later, but there is anyway other

What I was doing is in the page, it seems to
occurs more often there than with a blank page, quickly type cmd-B and again cmd-B
the Sidebar appears and then disappear, Yes I know that's not normal/possible as
the Cmd-B is only for Show Side bar which never change to hide.

Try to open Customize toolbar sheet, remove the sidebar icon from the toolbar by
dragging it inside page contents, poof, close sheet, CMD-B and quickly CMD-B.
Crash... sometimes.

Or do the contrary add the Sidebar icon to the toolbar, close customize and
cmd-B twice quickly...

I've tried different starting position, cursor in location bar, or in form field
or no where/empty area, or link selected or not in the sidebar... but I did not
find the path to reproduce.

Another problem is that when the customize toolbar sheet is opened, you can
still click on the ShowSide bar icon in the toolbar, it will open it, but it
will not close it!

cmd-B crash log

I think there is also a toolbar redraw problem perhaps linked to this bug too.

Open a blank page reduce its width (15cm) in order to avoid it to move when you
hide/show the Sidebar.
Now quickly click on hide/show sidebar icon in the toolbar and also type cmd-B
at the same time, in between... repeat several timeS very quickly to hide and
show it. You'll see sometimes :

A. the location bar end, ~1cm from end, which is close to the Show/Hide Side bar
icon, will be redraw very slowy, however it's not covered.

B. the entire toolbar will not be redraw except the Show/Hide side bar icon.
See the capture. Build 0704 16:01

CmdB click log


17 years ago
Severity: normal → critical
Keywords: crash

Comment 1

16 years ago
Stephane, the crash report link contains three crash reports. Can you edit it
down to the one relevant report and attach it hereon? Also, you mention two
other problems. Though they may be related, you should file separate bugs about
QA Contact: winnie → sairuh
i cannot repro a crash when using cmd-/ or cmd-B while the customize toolbar
sheet is present. tested using 2002.08.26.05, marking wfm.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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