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[meta] Simplified about:welcome


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Opening a bug to track ongoing investigation of real and perceived performance for first paint of about:welcome.

• Looks like we're over 1s for first paint on each of our recent variants although this data needs further investigation
• UR suggests this is causing confusion and issues for users:

NanJ, can you look into whether this is a regression from 66 or not?

Flags: needinfo?(najiang)

Just to note that the UR recordings were via software running on the user's machine, so those users would probably see a slower experience in general.

Bug 1448918 moved the web welcome experience to about:welcome in Firefox 62, and I believe there was an experiment showing the local page is better for engagement for loading faster, so it would be good to see how performance has changed or not since 62.

See Also: → 1448918

So I've added the 66 release to this chart.

It's quite obvious that 66 release beats all the experiment variants of 67 in terms of topsites first paint time, including the control group. Both its median and upper fence are much better than those 67 variants. I think it's reasonable to conclude that we've introduced some performance overhead to about:welcome with Trailhead.

Flags: needinfo?(najiang)
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [skyline] [uj]

Kate ar we still aiming to investigate and potentially improve first paint time, for 70?

Flags: needinfo?(khudson)

After talking with Kate, looks like this is P2 (not aimed for 70 at this point.)

Flags: needinfo?(khudson)
Priority: P1 → P2
Priority: P2 → --
Blocks: bugzy-epic
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P1
Depends on: 1614776
Summary: about:welcome performance investigation → [meta] about:welcome performance investigation
Depends on: 1616370
Depends on: 1616371
Depends on: 1616372
Blocks: 1564149
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
Depends on: 1617783
Depends on: 1618306
Depends on: 1618342
Depends on: 1618344
Depends on: 1618348
Depends on: 1618356
Depends on: 1618572
Depends on: 1619694
Depends on: 1619695
Depends on: 1619702
Depends on: 1620325
Summary: [meta] about:welcome performance investigation → [meta] Simplified about:welcome
Alias: simple-aw
Whiteboard: [skyline] [uj]
Depends on: 1620582
Depends on: 1620354
Depends on: 1620282, 1620029
Depends on: 1618642
Depends on: 1620351
Depends on: 1620021
Depends on: 1621347
Depends on: 1621704
Depends on: 1621834
Depends on: 1622474
Depends on: 1622475
Depends on: 1622476
Depends on: 1622479
Depends on: 1622928
Depends on: 1623710
Depends on: 1624460
Depends on: 1624509
Depends on: 1626063
Depends on: 1627058
Depends on: 1628094
Depends on: multistage-aw
Depends on: 1630456
Depends on: 1631921
Depends on: 1634463
Depends on: 1635544
Depends on: 1637079
Depends on: 1637365
Depends on: 1638087
Depends on: 1638101
Depends on: 1638449
Depends on: 1639723
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
Depends on: 1640161
No longer depends on: 1627058
No longer depends on: 1618306

With feature complete and all dependent bug resolved, its safe to close tracking bug

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Blocks: bugzy-epic
Priority: P1 → P3
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