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We should align the names with the spec and remove some comments about them not being used, because they aren't meant to be used.

@bzbarsky: can you please be more specific. Is this about cleaning up FF only, or also the spec? Where should the comments be removed, in FF code and/or the spec?

The spec currently has the "unused" arguments, so FF is implemented according to it.
Or do you mean this issue should be worked on once (referred to at the spec) is fixed?

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This is about cleaning up our code to match the spec. The "not being used" comments refer to arguments that don't even exist in the spec, not the "existing-but-commented-as-unused" ones. Sorry for the confusion there.

The whole thing is more or less a note to myself; I have a patch that's just waiting on try results at

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Clean up the arguments to to align better with the spec.  r=mbrodesser
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