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Improve error messages for XMLHttpRequest state must not be LOADING or DONE


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Steps to reproduce:

Set the responseType of an XHR after calling send() (which is illegal):

var x = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", location, false);
var a = x.send();
x.responseType = "arraybuffer";

Example taken from

Actual results:

The error

InvalidStateError: XMLHttpRequest state must not be LOADING or DONE.

Is raised.

Expected results:

Firefox should have told the user/developer what it is they did wrong.

Currently, the error message looks like an internal Firefox error, instead of like a user mistake.

This can lead to confusion, like in bug 1540574.

Other browsers do this better. For example, Chromium shows this:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to set the 'responseType' property on 'XMLHttpRequest': The response type cannot be set if the object's state is LOADING or DONE.

This states what the user did and why it's illegal.

We should improve it in Firefox to be similar.

The previous error message suggested that this is an internal error message
pointing out a bad state in the XHR state machine, when in fact this is
a user error (calling overrideMimeType() or setting responseType() after

This commit improves and disambiguates the error messages, pointing out to
the user what they did wrong, like other browsers do.

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My patch was reviewed and accepted, now I just need somebody to land it for me :)

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Improve "XHR must not be LOADING or DONE" error messages. r=baku

Keywords: checkin-needed

(In reply to Niklas Hambüchen from comment #3)

My patch was reviewed and accepted, now I just need somebody to land it for me :)

Your patch has been landed.

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