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Adjust license block and license.html for generated activity-stream.bundle.js


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Firefox 70
70.1 - Jul 8 - 21
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There's various non-"newtab" files that are combined with source "newtab" files into activity-stream.bundle.js. Here's the non-"newtab" files currently:

8553	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-sequence/src/map_sync.js
8585	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-sequence/src/map_async.js
8623	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-sequence/src/index.js
8632	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/cached-iterable/src/cached_iterable.mjs
8654	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/cached-iterable/src/cached_sync_iterable.mjs
8715	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/cached-iterable/src/cached_async_iterable.mjs
8806	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/cached-iterable/src/index.mjs
8810	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/localization.js
8890	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/markup.js
8914	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/provider.js
8999	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/with_localization.js
9069	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/vendor/omittedCloseTags.js
9097	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/vendor/voidElementTags.js
9112	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/localized.js
9307	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent-react/src/index.js
10394	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/types.js
10483	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/builtins.js
10515	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/resolver.js
10890	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/error.js
10892	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/resource.js
11456	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/bundle.js
11720	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/util.js
11746	// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./node_modules/fluent/src/index.js

Looks like all of these are fluent related and is Apache 2.0 licensed from bug 866618 although these don't seem to have an entry in license.html

In the past (and currently outdated), license.html would note that activity-stream.bundle.js has other license applied, e.g., MIT Reselect License:

Bug 1562642 added a MPL license block to the top of activity-stream.bundle.js in addition to the other license blocks scattered throughout this combined file.

mhoye, what should we do about activity-stream.bundle.js ?

Flags: needinfo?(mhoye)

Although I do see:

Apache License 2.0
This license applies to various files in the Mozilla codebase.

So maybe an explicit one for fluent stuff isn't necessary? Still an open question about if there should/shouldn't be a top level MPL license comment block for activity-stream.bundle.js

Sorry about that
I think we should revert the MPL license block and add this file to the ignore list.

Assignee: nobody → sledru

Hmm.. I locally modified tools/lint/license.yml to do .js and noticed activity-stream.bundle.js happens to pass because file.readlines(10) happens to get at least 100 lines which is enough to detect a concatenated license comment block from a .jsx file

sylvestre, is adding /*! THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED: webpack.system-addon.config.js */ to the top of the file acceptable?

(In reply to Ed Lee :Mardak from comment #5)

sylvestre, is adding /*! THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED: webpack.system-addon.config.js */ to the top of the file acceptable?

it will be ignore as THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED is in the list:


reassigning as you are working on it :)

Assignee: sledru → edilee
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Blocks: 1566202
Iteration: --- → 70.1 - Jul 8 - 21
Closed: 1 year ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 70
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