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Firefox keeps changing my home page settings to "Blank Page" every day or so


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Steps to reproduce:

When I onep a new tab it opens blank. Then I need to go to the preferences, the Home tab and change the home page and new tabs settings to Firefox Home and then it works for a day or so. After that it sets itself to blank page again.

p.s.: it's doing it on both my iMacs.

Actual results:

Blank page opens instead of FF home (which is default)

Expected results:

Settings should not change by it self.

Hi Martin,

I've already started trying to reproduce this bug but as you said, it'll take me some days. On the other hand, I wasn't able to choose a specific URL to set as a preference when opening a new tab (I'll attach a photo). Were you able to select a custom URL for new tabs?

Thanks in advance, Flor.

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Hello Florencia,

I'm not using custom URL. My usual settings are Firefox Home, but it changes to blank page every now and then. And it does do it on both my computers.

Just as an addition: I do use Sync.

Best regards,

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the clarification. Just to be sure, on this second computer that's also synced to your account, do you have the very same home page and new tab preferences?

Thanks in advance, Flor.

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Yes, that is the case.

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Hi Martin,

I've been trying to reproduce this bug for the last 14 days, I've been logging in from time to time, using the browser, opening new pages, syncing, all you can imagine...but I haven't been able to reproduce this on mac 10.14, on nightly 70.0a1 (2019-07-31) (64-bit). But maybe you can provide me with a bit more info.

Does this issue occur with a fresh profile? you can find the steps here:

Can you please download Firefox Nightly from here: and retest the problem and see if the issue still occurs there as well?

Thanks in advance, Flor.

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sorry for the late response, I've been super busy.

I'll try the nightly in the next couple of days.

In the meantime I took screenshots of the home page settings after I set it up how I like it and after it changed to the blank page. Still have no idea why it is :-).


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Hi Martin,

Sure, let us know of your progress and thanks for your help. Meanwhile, I've chosen a component so that maybe some dev will be able to help us out. If you consider that there's another component that's more proper for this case you may change it.

Best regards, Flor.

Component: Untriaged → New Tab Page

Hey Martin,

Can you please go to about:preferences#sync, click Manage Devices and check the Devices & apps section for any extra profiles that might be synchronized? Initially I though you were describing bug 1568809, but then I saw you said the preference changes by itself. This leads me to believe that you might have an extra profile that gets synced every once in a while.


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Hi Ciprian,

no, this is the only profile I use. Never used any other. I do sync multiple computers, of which I actively use 2. And both of them are doing it.

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(In reply to Martin from comment #12)

I do sync multiple computers, of which I actively use 2.

Sorry, I used profiles when I was referring to computers that you have synced.
If one of the computers that you synced with in the past somehow had that pref changed, this might be why you're seeing this behavior in your active computers. The list of items from Devices and apps would show more than 2 if this is the case. Could you please check?

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Marking this as P5 until we get verification on the issue to reproduce.

Martin, is this still happening?

Priority: -- → P5
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