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Steps to reproduce:

Load (Requires a G Suite account 🙁)

Actual results:

There is no prompt to allow notifications for this site. Viewing the "Site information" dialog there is no entry for the "Send Notifications" permission. ( does have this permission.)

New messages are not triggering notifications

Expected results:

A prompt should appear asking if I want to allow the notification permission for this site. This is the behaviour seen in Chrome.

Component: Untriaged → Notifications and Alerts
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

Do you have first party isolation enabled? Are there are any errors in the developer console when loading that page?


Component: Notifications and Alerts → Device Permissions
Flags: needinfo?(bugzilla.boomking)
Product: Toolkit → Firefox

Here's my settings from about:config for first party isolation.


No errors in the developer console, but I'm getting the following warnings in the developer console.

08:09:37.113 Content Security Policy: Ignoring “'unsafe-inline'” within script-src or style-src: nonce-source or hash-source specified
08:09:47.009 Content Security Policy: Ignoring “'unsafe-inline'” within script-src: ‘strict-dynamic’ specified
08:09:47.009 Content Security Policy: Ignoring “https:” within script-src: ‘strict-dynamic’ specified
08:09:47.009 Content Security Policy: Ignoring “http:” within script-src: ‘strict-dynamic’ specified
08:09:52.518 Content Security Policy: Ignoring ‘x-frame-options’ because of ‘frame-ancestors’ directive.

Flags: needinfo?(bugzilla.boomking)

The priority flag is not set for this bug.
:johannh, could you have a look please?

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Flags: needinfo?(jhofmann)

Sorry for the delay on this, but I'm having trouble figuring out what's going wrong here, do you mind doing a screen-recording of the issue and posting it or sharing it privately? I understand if that's not possible, though I'm not sure what else you could try.

Also, does this reproduce on a clean profile?

Flags: needinfo?(jhofmann) → needinfo?(bugzilla.boomking)

Closing this as incomplete lacking further data to investigate. Feel free to reopen with additional information. Thank you :)

Closed: 7 days ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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