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Force restart on upgrade clears address of open tab


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Steps to reproduce:

I use firefox with the "Restore previous session" option and have multiple tabs open. When a new version is automatically installed in the background and I select a new tab I get a notification "sorry we need to restart firefox" that replaces the page in the tab clicked on. I click the button to do restart and apply the upgrade.

Ubuntu 19.04

Actual results:

Firefox restarts, and the tab that had the upgrade notification is now set to an empty page.

Expected results:

Firefox restarts and the tab is restored to the page it was on before the notification to restart was shown.

Component: Untriaged → Session Restore

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I'm having the same issue every time I upgrade firefox. I think it only happens with unloaded tabs, but one doesn't need an extension for that, a simple restart and session restore is enough to create a bunch on unloaded tabs. Then I upgrade, and when I switch to an unloaded tab, this tab is replaced with the "Restart Firefox" message, and its original page is irreversibly lost. I'm attaching a video demonstrating the issue.

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