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Make it easier to access issue tracker from Pontoon app


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From Pontoon app, it's hard to figure out where to file bugs for Pontoon.

The homepage links to GitHub repo, which links to Bugzilla, but the homepage is hardly accessible for logged in contributors, because they use custom homepages.

Since actual users are probably more likely to need to file bugs than random bypassers, maybe we could add the link to GitHub/Bugzilla to the profile menu.

I wonder if we should like to the discourse category, and add bug-filing info to

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Hello Matjaz ~ I would like to work on this bug. Can you please provide any additional information I might need to get started. Thanks.

I would like to work on this one @matjaz

Hi Matjaz! Just started this with outreachy. I would like to contribute here if it's possible

abowler2: Since you've already completed a mentored bug, let's sync on IRC to find you something else as a next step.

juan: Since kathiekim95 was here before, I've assigned the bug to her. Let's sync on IRC to find you a bug to work on! In the meantime, you can prepare by installing Pontoon locally using Docker.

kathiekim95: I've assigned the bug to you! Please let me know if you have any questions, either here or in #pontoon on IRC. You can start by installing Pontoon locally using Docker. Once you have a working local environment, please make sure to read our contribution docs. It contains information on how to style code, how to run tests, how to name your commits, etc. All the things you need to know if you want your work to be merged into Pontoon!

Assignee: nobody → kathiekim95

Thank you @Matjaz, I have already set up the local development. I am now working on figuring out where on the profile menu to add the link to GitHub/Bugzilla


I suggest you add two links right above "Help":

You should also try to find matching icons on FA.

Matjaz, I noticed all the links on the user's profile open on the same tab when clicked, can I work on it such that when clicked, it opens on a different tab?

I am suggesting I redirect Terms of use, hack it on Github, Give feedback and help to a different page when clicked, then for settings and sign out I will leave it as it is. What do you think @matjaz?

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That's a great idea, kathiekim95!

Please also add rel="noopener noreferrer" to links with the target="_blank" attribute.

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Thanks for the idea Matjaz.
I have raised a pull request, feedback will be highly appreciated.

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We're continuing the conversation in the PR.

Hi @juan, can we please sync on Mozilla IRC (#pontoon)? We didn't get any messages from you there.

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