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Session restores hangs on with Firefox 68 (several thousands of tabs)


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Steps to reproduce:

  • I normally starts my Firefox.
  • The profile manager shows up.
  • I select the last one I used and click "Start".

Actual results:

Firefox showed a tab telling me a new version had been installed. But my other tabs were not shown. Instead, Firefox's started to hang on. I only had a blank page and Windows (7) told me Firefox was not responding. I have waited 15 minutes before killing it.

When I tried to relaunch it, I was asked to restore my previous session.
All my tabs were listed correctly in the session restoration page. But when I clicked to restore them, Firefox hanged on once again (a single blank tab in a blank page, Windows saying it does not respond anymore).

I have tried to migrate my profile information to a new profile (create a new profile, copy my places.sqlite, sessionstore, etc). And the first launching worked. So, profile elements are not corrupted. But when I close Firefox and reopen it, it once again fails to restore my tabs (haning on, not responding anymore). I had not migrated nor reinstalled extensions yet. So, this is not about extensions.

I have also rolled back firefox to version 67.0.4, and opening everything worked correctly. In few seconds, I had all my tabs shown. For me, this is a bug with version 68.

BTW, I must indicate I have thousands of open tabs.

Expected results:

Firefox should restore and show all my tabs.

Component: Untriaged → Session Restore


It has been a week since I reported this issue.
I now have version 68.0.1 and the problem is still here. I cannot use any of my existing profiles since Firefox cannot restore my tabs.

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