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Console erorr: initLocaleShortDateFormat: could not analyze the date format, defaulting to mm/dd/yyyy - dateFormat.js:41


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Not set


(thunderbird_esr68 fixed, thunderbird69 fixed, thunderbird70 fixed)

Thunderbird 70.0
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thunderbird_esr68 --- fixed
thunderbird69 --- fixed
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(Reporter: jorgk-bmo, Assigned: jorgk-bmo)



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Comes from this code:

    const dateFormatter = new Services.intl.DateTimeFormat(undefined,
      { dateStyle: "short" });
    var aDate = new Date(1999, 11, 1);
    var dateString = dateFormatter.format(aDate).replace(/ /g, "");

I have my short date format set to "dd MMM yyyy", so this returns "01 Dec 1999".

After removing spaces, the string can no longer be split and we report this error further down at line 41:

The error comes up when launching the "search messages" panel.

This should do it.

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We might as well dump out the unrecognised format.

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Actually, let's get rid of the horrible confusing constants 1-6 while we're here.

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Coming to think of it, the hand-rolled parsing and formatting dates is pretty rubbish, especially since locales don't set those prefs:

This preference should go and all the rubbish that goes with it and we should instead just format the dates properly.

OK, I tried what I said in comment #4. With that I got "22 Jul 2019" in the search box. Sadly it's hard to parse into a time value, since we'd have to detect the alpha month of "Jul".

So let's go with the other patch. We could still rip the preferences out since the are a no-op. Any opinion, Geoff?

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1567820-initLocaleShortDateFormat.patch (v3)

Review of attachment 9079677 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: mailnews/base/content/dateFormat.js
@@ +90,5 @@
>        initLocaleShortDateFormat();
>      } else {
>        // initialize the search date format based on preferences
> +      if (gSearchDateFormat < formatMIN || gSearchDateFormat > formatMAX)
> +        gSearchDateFormat = formatMDY;

Should be switch this it the more international
YMD? MDY is pretty US-centric.

@@ +108,5 @@
>    }
>    if (gSearchDateFormat == 0) {
>      // Set to mm/dd/yyyy in case we couldn't determine in any way.
> +    gSearchDateFormat = formatMDY;

And here.
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1567820-initLocaleShortDateFormat.patch (v3)

Yes, I think the default should be YMD, it's the least likely to cause confusion.

In the bigger picture, we should offer the user a date picker in the places where this code is used. AFAICT the only consumers are the search messages dialog, and the mark as read by date dialog. If we used a fixed-format picker (e.g. the full HTML <input> picker which doesn't currently work) we could remove this file altogether.
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Fix cheap short date parsing in initLocaleShortDateFormat(). r=darktrojan

Closed: 6 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 70.0

Working in TB 69 beta.

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