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Do not restrict the GeckoView/Glean SDK mapping to a single category


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As it is currently implemented and discussed here, the GeckoView mapping function will be generated once per each category (each .kt file). This forces us to use a single category in the adapter that will be created as part of bug 1566374.

There's at least two options to enable a "global mapping":

  • generated the mapping of Gecko metrics in a single Kotlin file/class separate from the metrics objects, to only have one. And these will generally live in engine-gecko where we can add the single line necessary to init them. We'd need a separate template just for this, and that template will have to import all of the metric instances from other files.
  • There is sealedSubclasses, which lets you iterate over all subclasses of a sealed class. You could then make a base class that all of the Gecko mappings would inherit from, and then I think you could iterate over all of them to perform the lookup.
Blocks: 1566340
Depends on: 1566356
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This was just merged and a release was cut: v0.34.0.

Closed: 5 months ago
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