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Checkbox rendered as Radiobutton on AJAX Postback


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Steps to reproduce:

I am using ASP.Net Storefront Application. in that i have a page with collection of Asp.Net controls (Checkbox, Checkboxlist, Radiobuttons and Dropdowns)

The problem i am facing is the Asp.Net controls are properly rendered when the page loads.

Any post back occurs in the page, the checkbox controls in the page are displaying as radio button. this is occurring randomly only in firefox version above 56 with windows 10.

If i move the mouse over the changed radiobutton, then it changed to checkbox.

This issue is not occurring in any other browser, even in firefox lower version (below 56).

Have attached screenshot for you reference. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Actual results:

  1. Checkbox displayed in disabled status (it has to be displayed in enable status)
  2. Checkbox displayed as Radiobutton.

Expected results:

Checkbox should be persist as it is with checked status (if checked already)

Not a security bug that needs to stay hidden.

Can you provide a live testcase where we can see this behaviour?

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Flags: needinfo?(mani)

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You can find the live testcase at

(password and username elided, this is a public bugtracker)


  1. Login using the above credentials.
  2. Navigate to Programs -> Program (Main) menu
  3. Programs Page will be displayed -- > Select any Program Code Link in the first column of the grid.
  4. Program Data Page will be displayed. Now select multiple Brand, Channel(s) checkboxes and then change the Program Type Dropdown in the
    Program Data Tab.

Now you will be able to see the issue which i have reported. can also use the image(Firefox Issue.png) attached with this bug as reference.

We see the issue happens only after POSTBACK when screen re-renders. Please advice us to resolve this issue.

I can't reproduce on either 68 on Windows 10 or most recent Nightly on macOS.

When you use the devtools to inspect the item, has its type attribute been set to radio? That's what's causing this - the next step would be finding what in your code is doing that.

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we are working on providing you screen capture of the scenarios to reproduce the issue.

In addition, we have attached a screen shot(Firefox Radio - Checkbox Control Issue.png), in that you can able to see checkbox is being displayed instead of radio button. have also covered the devtools in the screenshot to show how it has been rendered.

Please advise us to resolve this issue.

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