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research switching from Elasticsearch to BigQuery


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Bug #1322630 covers upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.4 to whateveriscurrent. There's a bunch of work to do on that still and that can keeps getting kicked down the road in favor of other priorities. Bug #1512641 covers moving Socorro to GCP. Because we're moving to GCP and we're redoing our infrastructure, we could take this opportunity to switch from Elasticsearch to BigQuery.

This bug covers researching that--what hard requirements do we have and can we get by with BigQuery? If not, what can we change so we can get by with BigQuery?

The outcome of this bug is either a "no way we're doing that for extremely compelling reasons x, y, and z" or a tracker bug and a plan.

Making this a P2.

Given that John and I are switching to MLS for a while and the GCP migration is on hold, I think we should look into this before doing any further work on Elasticsearch migrations.

Priority: -- → P2

We're not moving Socorro to GCP, so I'm going to WONTFIX this.

Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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