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Horizontal Scroll under tabs


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This is not a bug, but a suggestion. I work in an office where many of us have to keep quite a few open tabs in the browser, and I do so at home as well, like 70 at a time.

Actual results:

Nothing here.

Expected results:

It would be super helpful to have a thin scroll bar under or over the tabs that would let you scroll from side to side far faster than clicking the arrows. This feature would set FF apart from the competing browsers, as none have a fast navigation to an exact spot in the tabs.

Thanks. Overall, my favorite browser.

(In reply to jm from comment #0)

far faster than clicking the arrows.

  • Using the mouse wheel over the tab bar is far faster than the overflow arrows.
  • You can use the List All Tabs menu to select specific tabs. Additionally, bug 1480542 is going to make the menu visible even when the tab bar isn't overflowing.
  • You can use Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 to select specific tabs and Ctrl+9 to select the last tab.
  • You can type % into the address bar to search open tabs and switch between them.
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Keywords: blocked-ux
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