Open Bug 1570462 Opened 2 months ago Updated Last month

All in-tree test suites should use the same mobile browser process management library


(Firefox for Android :: Testing, task, P3)





(Reporter: maja_zf, Unassigned)



Today, mochitest, reftests and xpcshell use RemoteAutomation to start/stop GeckoView TestRunnerActivity, among other functions, whereas marionette and web-platform-tests use FennecRunner*. Both RemoteAutomation and FennecRunner are backed by ADBDevice.

Ideally, we would be maintaining only one library to manage a remote browser process. There is perhaps an opportunity to refactor RemoteAutomation to split it up into different services that all test harnesses could use.

* To be clear, FennecRunner is not actually specific to Fennec

See Also: → 1194359
Priority: -- → P3
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